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A bit of background

I thought I would write a bit of background on myself and this website – I won’t do it all at once but here’s a start… My path to McLuhan went something like this: after going back and forth between Humanities and Music at the University of Adelaide for several years, I finally found a spiritual home for myself in the Politics Department (now School of History & Politics) where I studied, among other things, a subject on Anarchism and Libertarianism with Prof. Paul Nursey-Bray. Paul was an inspiring mentor to me, as he was to many, and he supervised my Honours thesis on McLuhan in 1999 (and later, my doctoral research). Initially proposing a study of anarchist education, I put it to Paul that ‘the Internet will lead us all to anarchism’ – he asked how? – I said, struggling to articulate it, ‘it will make us think like anarchists, it will change our thinking’ (this is ‘anarchy’ in the political sense, i.e. a State-less society). Paul – who had once written an article on McLuhan’s ‘retribalization’ thesis and modernization in tribal Africa – said to me ‘That sounds like McLuhan’. The first book by McLuhan I read was The Medium is the Massage and my first thought was – ‘an academic book with pictures? Brilliant!!!’ I was hooked.

More soon, thanks for reading :)

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