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A tetrad for 3D Printing

Australia’s ABC News reported yesterday on the possibility of making soft tissue organs such as hearts and livers “within 10 years” using 3D printing technology.

This medical leap forward has shades of William Gibson’s Neuromancer – a world where when you wear out one body part, you simply go buy a new one (if you can afford it) … How long before everything of a certain scale can be “printed” – food, babies ..? How long before we can print, say, a dinosaur egg, or one of the fantastical beasts of our imagination (white unicorn)?

A tetrad for 3D printing might be:

Extends: 2D printing

Obsolesces: organ transplant

Retrieves: the cyborg (part human, part machine…)

Reverses into: cloning

Love to hear your thoughts.

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